April Fools

Sequel to "A River Runs Through It" Is Official

The second "shot in the casting arm" that fly fishing has been waiting for now seems to be a reality. Documents uncovered by MidCurrent reporter Scott Bowen reveal that producers are in fact working on the sequel to the most important fly fishing film of all time. The title: "A River Runs Through Us: Return to the Waters of Power." We're excited about the...

Violations of the IFPA's New Rule on Fly-Name Obscenity Rile Tiers and Industry Leaders

The seven new flies named in the IFPA’s new voluntary ban are: the Ass-Gasket Emerger, the Dry Humpy, the BarackO’Rocket (steelhead fly), the Gonaddler Minnow, Jock Scott’s Jock (salmon fly), the Naked Lunch (a bonefish pattern), and Don’s Dingus Popper. But professional tier Alleck Rüidt and other says the ban goes too far.  "“Professional...

Get Wild . . . On the Rocks! with Orvis's New Battenkill Gin

"Orvis is proud to introduce—in collaboration with Vermont’s own Caledonia Spirits, makers of Barr Hill Gin—a revolutionary new option for lovers of the juniper berry. There has simply never been a spirit like Battenkill Gin, which offers a taste experience that connects to the history and traditions of the Orvis Company."

Orvis Introduces Tweed Waders

Personally, we're just as taken with the stylish Sporran with convenient fly patch, but tweed is back in a big way.  Who better to make it happen than the venerable Orvis brand, arbiter of all things ancestrally inspired.