George Daniel: Nymphing Techniques

George Daniel: Nymphing Techniques, Part 2 of 3

“The problem is it’s a short-range technique. I would not normally fish it on big flats like that. I want to be able to hit little pockets and sink. That’s system more designed for suspension.

Here’s my favorite leader formula, 9 foot. A little extra leader, it doesn’t really matter what it is but I like to start with a 9 foot 0X leader have a 20-inch section using a blood knot, from a 9-foot to the 20-inch section of sighter. And after that there’s a tiny little steel tippet ring. Has everyone here heard of tippet rings? Yeah ok a little tippet ring and then off of that you have your tippet material. And the rule of thumb is this: the length of the tippet must always slightly exceed the greatest depth that you’ll be fishing for that day. Because the whole idea behind the sighter is that it’s actually out of the water so you can see it. If you’re fishing deep water, maybe six foot of water and your sighter and your tippet are only 3 foot apart your sighter is going to be submerged below the depth….”