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Video: Smithfly New Products 2017

Smithfly ups the ante in 2017 adding jackets, waders, and a whole slew of new products for 2017. Founder Ethan Smith explains a couple of them here.

First Glance: Smithfly Digi Pouch

What's this? A fishing company that has made a product specifically for photography?  That's right., Smithfly, makers of the modular packs, bags, waist packs and belts, has added the Digi Pouch to their expanding line of quality products that are manufactured here in the USA.  When we interviewed the founder Ethan Smith last year he told us he was a...

Video: Smithfly Modular System Explained

Ethan Smith, founder and owner of SmithFly explains how his line of products fill a niche in the fly fishing bag world and why they "play nice" with other systems out there.

Podcast Interview: SmithFly Founder Ethan Smith on Sewing Bombproof (Literally) Fishing Gear

Ethan Smith gives MidCurrent the skinny on his new fishing gear company SmithFly Designs and why he chose to go with a modular system that is made completely in the US. Ethan—whose career as a very successful graphic artist gave him the visual tools but not all of the the hands-on experience—says, "I started sewing prototypes myself and sorta had my...

El Poquito from SmithFly

El Poquito is the little pocket that goes anywhere the angler wants it to go. A magnetic clasp on the back holds tight to anything (over the top of waders, waist bands, belts, shirt pockets etc.) and is also compatible with the SmithFly Switch Kit system. We used El Poquito to keep hemostats handy and nippers close at hand. The real beauty is that El...

SmithFly's New Switch Kit

The Switch Kit is a modular system that allows fully-loaded pockets to mount on either a vest, bag or waist belt. When you wade, wear the vest. When you float take the bag, and when you fish the farm pond on a hot summer evening wear the waist belt. When you add gear, add a pocket. When you simplify, take one off. Other features include Super Duty...