First Glance: Smithfly Digi Pouch

January 28, 2014 By: timromano

digi-pouchWhat’s this? A fishing company that has made a product specifically for photography?  That’s right., Smithfly, makers of the modular packs, bags, waist packs and belts, has added the Digi Pouch to their expanding line of quality products that are manufactured here in the USA.  When we interviewed the founder Ethan Smith last year he told us he was a graphic designer who learned to sew so he could manufacture his line of bags for fishing.  Being a visual guy myself, I naturally figured he wanted a place to stash his camera on extended outings near the water.  These days who doesn’t have a camera with them while on the water?

As someone who makes a good deal of their living with a camera around water I can say that Smithfly has nailed it with this piece.  Unlike many other “dry-bags” the digi pouch actually is dry. It’s material is first rate, and the webbing and buckle for the roll-down are super high quality. It’s also a perfect size.  It’s big enough to carry my pro-size DSLR (a Nikon D3s) but doesn’t feel like overkill when toting around my point-and-shoot. What’s more, Smithfly makes an additional foam padding insert that works perfectly for most cameras.  The front comes standard with Smithfly’s MOLLE webbing, which you can attach any of their other products to, as well as a two-button strap on the back that can be attached to your wading belt, backpack, boat frame or many other devices. Bottom line: this is one of the most well-thought-out smallish dry bags I’ve ever seen designed for camera gear.  The list price is $60, and as I continue to use it I’ll update you on how it fares under prolonged use.