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Swamped in the Everglades

In this article, Geoff Mueller writes about fishing the Everglades and the environmental issues facing the region. “Entire ecosystems don't die suddenly or easily. They are born to endure, and for eons the Everglades had survived raging wildfires, biblical floods, and extended droughts. Then it met us.” Via The Drake.

Tibor Saltwater Fly Reels Features

Joe at Red's Fly Shop takes a close look at three of Tibor's high-performance saltwater reels in preparation for a trip to Christmas Island. "These are my Tibor reels, and the fly lines I am putting on them for fishing in Christmas Island. The Tibor family composed of the Everglades, Riptide, Gulfstream, and Pacific are among the best reels in the world for...

Steve Huff: "A Passion For Tarpon"

Andy Mill: Your reputation precedes you in many ways—the success you have had through the years in tournament fishing and all the world records—but I think one of the things that stands out most is your work ethic. Here we are in the winter, it is cold as hell, and you got off the water last night at 7:45 p.m. I talked to your son, Dustin, and he said...

Tideline: Rick Murphy

IN THE EVERGLADES, you can smell a good tarpon day when it is about to happen. There is a sweet early morning scent, the fragrance of lacy white flowers from Spanish stopper trees suspended in the humidity, woven through the mangroves and hanging over the flats. The smell is only there when the wind, moisture, and heat are right, and its presence is a...