Bamboo Confidential with Bernard Ramanauskas

In 1960, no one clamored for rods made by Glenn Brackett, Tom Morgan, or Mike Clark, but today those makers command top dollar for their exquisite bamboo creations. For Bernard Ramanauskas, this is 1961. At 36, Ramanauskas has achieved what some well-regarded craftsmen never do — his creation, Eden Cane, became so well respected that he was offered the chance to bring a major bamboo studio, Scott Cane. back to life. The new SC rods he developed draw heavily from techniques pioneered at Eden Cane, putting other makers on notice. Listen as Bernard gives us a masterclass in the finer points of bamboo fly rod design.

Podcast Excerpt: “For me there are two extremes in [fly rod] building. There are very simple rods that have continuous-action tapers on one side. On the other side there are very dynamic rods that capitalize on thinks like swells and drops at ferrule stations which transmit energy toward the tip completely differently.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.