Bajío Launches Shop the Shallows

November 20, 2023 By: Spencer Durrant

Bajío has made a name for itself as a company that doesn’t just pay lip service to conservation, but actually believes in it. To that end, Bajío has launched their Shop the Shallows event for this holiday season.

According to Bajío, “This holiday season Bajío wants to give back to the shallows— the nurseries of our oceans also known as bajíos in Spanish. Our goal is to clean, plant, and protect these shallows by partnering with those who share our mission. When you buy a pair of sunglasses, you’ll receive a gift and so will our shallows.”

The way it works is simple. When you buy a pair of sunglasses from Bajío, at checkout you’ll be asked to choose from one of these three causes you’d like to support: ocean trash removal, mangrove planting, or oyster planting. Based on which cause you support, you’ll receive a free Camp Cup painted to reflect the conservation cause you’re supporting.

The cups are limited-edition, and feature artwork from Casey Anderson, Bajío’s resident tattoo artist.

You can learn more about the specific projects, and about the Shop the Shallows program, here.