MidCurrent Launches Full-Service Travel Booking

August 1, 2023 By: Spencer Durrant


Big news! Midcurrent is expanding to be a better and more valuable version of what you already enjoy on a daily basis.

This week we are announcing the first big update: the arrival of MidCurrent Travel.

MidCurrent Travel is a full-service booking agent that helps anglers filter through a myriad of choices from Alaska to South America to find the perfect lodge and experience. We’re in the business of making fishing dreams become reality.

So, what does this mean for MidCurrent fans and subscribers? You’ve now got long-time industry veterans at your fingertips when you start to consider where, when, and why you want to travel to any lodge or destination.

We’ll be expanding our offering every week from here out, but check out the new site and destinations that are already available on travel.midcurrent.com. We’ll also soon be offering readers a chance to subscribe for free to our upcoming Travel Newsletter, full of tips, lodge reviews, and trip deals.

Marshall Cutchin, the founder, and publisher of MidCurrent, expresses his thoughts: “MidCurrent was started with the simple goal of helping people become better fly fishers. We believe that assisting individuals in planning and enjoying their fly fishing trips is a vital extension of that mission. And we are committed to delivering the same level of reliability and quality service that MidCurrent is renowned for.”

Thanks for being a part of the greatest fly fishing site on the internet…it’s only getting better.

If you’re already thinking about your next trip and want to help plan it today, you can reach out to any one of our program directors below:

South America [email protected]  1 (817)-455-5374
Bahamas & Mexico 
[email protected] 1 (305)-389-9367
Alaska, Rockies, PNW, Belize 
[email protected]  1 (206) 817-6001
[email protected]  1 (416) 949-4547