New Apparel Startup Completes Successful First Year

January 12, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

catchflo shoesCatchflo is a startup footwear and apparel company in the fly fishing industry. They recently completed their first year in business, and wanted to share updates with the rest of the angling community. You can read their press release below.

Launched in May 2021, Catchflo is the fly industry’s only fly fishing themed casual footwear brand and has wrapped up a very successful first year as a startup brand and company. Catchflo founder and owner Dan Moyers started the company to address a completely unmet need in the market for fun fly fishing themed casual footwear that allows all fly anglers to express their passion off the water. 

Dan discovered the void in the market as he personally sought fly fishing themed canvas slip-on style shoes only to find the market barren with only an odd mix of “cheap and cheesy” fish shoes on Zazzle and eBay and one-off super expensive custom painted Vans. As a long-time fly angler and entrepreneurial person, Dan decided to solve his own problem by starting Catchflo. He laid the foundation from January – April 2021 and then launched “out of nowhere” without any hype or pre-launch fanfare in May 2021. 

Catchflo’s first year as a startup brand and company has been an amazing journey for Dan personally, as well as the Catchflo brand itself, highlighted by: 

  • Releasing 90+ unique styles and designs of shoes, sandals, slippers, and socks ● Establishing Browntown, Bowtown, Brookietown, Smallietown, and Salt Town species series ● Delivering Catchflo + X collaboration shoes 
  • Serving customers throughout the US, Canada, and several countries worldwide ● Appearance on several fly fishing podcasts 
  • Delivering on its Catchflo Gives Back program in which 2% of all sales are donated annually to Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters 
  • Creating and growing a varied set of programs such as: 

○ FLORiginal brand ambassador program 

○ FLOFans program 

○ FLOPros program 

○ FLOStateU program 

  • Pursuit of fly shops through Retail Dealer program 
  • Building relationships with non-profit organizations, grassroots groups, and leading voices 

As Catchflo wraps up 2021 the best is yet to come as 2022 will bring many new footwear styles and designs, expanded marketing efforts through fly fishing shows exhibiting, additional advertising, and the expansion of all of Catchflo’s programs. We’re just getting started!