Dr. Slick Debuts New Gear for 2020-21

September 17, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

Three sizes of fly boxes, a mammoth tweezers designed to execute perfect dubbing/composite loops, and five new clamps in the rubber-handled Crossfire Series of tools have been added to the 2021 lineup of fly-fishing and tying products from the 31 year old fly fishing manufacturer the Dr. Slick Company.

The waterproof, slit foam fly boxes were designed in small, medium and large sizes for every freshwater purpose.  The three Dr. Slick boxes include a small, six compartment neck, lanyard, or breast pocket box measuring 4.5x3x1.5-inches; a medium-size box measuring 6.3x4x1.8-inches; and the large at 8.75×4.75×2-inches.  

The large box is fitted with a clear lid for quick fly identification, however it comes with an added slit foam insert and adhesive that can be added to the inside of the lid for greater capacity.  

The 7.25-long Dubbing Loop Tweezers are 410 stainless steel and self-closing.  There is an inch/centimeter scale on both sides of the jaws to ensure consistently-sized flies.  “The smooth, flat textured grip allows for greater control of layered materials,” said Dr. Slick president and CEO Steve Fournier.  Called the “perfect tool” for avid hobbyists along with professional production tiers, the tweezers are ideal for “picking up hooks, tiny beads and other tying bench objects,” concluded Fournier.  

The five new Crossfire scissor clamps are oxidized black with black rubber handles, joining the orange rubber clamps introduced previously.

2021 Crossfire rubber handle tools include a 5-inch standard (hemostat) clamp; 5-inch scissors clamp; 6-inch scissors clamp; 5-inch mitten clamp; and 6-inch mitten clamp.  

Crossfire clamps have straight needle nose tapered jaws and either a half smooth and half striated (Standard Clamp) or a half smooth and half cross hatched jaws (Scissor Clamps and Mitten Scissor Clamps).  

All Dr. Slick gift sets will be packaged in medium or large fly boxes at no additional cost.  

The new tools bring to something in excess of 400 the number of products in the Dr. Slick catalog of fly-fishing and fly-tying accessories.

Items will be available Oct. 1.