New Fly Fishing Books

July 25, 2019 By: Erin Block

  • Squaretail: The Definitive Guide to Brook Trout and Where to Find Them by Bob Mallard is a complete guide book to brook trout. From their history and habitat to tactics and techniques for fishing for them, this book has important information for anglers of all levels of expertise. With a foreword by Ted Williams. Stackpole Books [Hardcover] (July 26, 2019).
  • The Trout Dreams: A true romance of fly-fishing in New Zealand by Derek Grzelewski is the third book by the acclaimed author. In The Trout Dreams, “Join Derek and Jennifer as they embark upon an angling adventure that takes them from the banks of the Cutha River in the South Island of New Zealand to the roaring rivers of Colorado. Filled with Derek’s wry storytelling and expert advice and secret tips for fly fishing, this is a true tale of finding trout and love in New Zealand.” Stackpole Books [Hardcover] (August 6, 2019).
  • Essential Fly Patterns for Lakes and Streams: Tips for Tying Your Own Flies by Brian Smith presents over eighty flies with recipes and instructions for each. The book provides details for tying the most important insect imitations in their various stages of lifeforms, as well as important tips about pattern development. Caitlin Press Inc. [Paperback] (July 29, 2019).