“Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout,” a New Book by Chris Hunt

April 29, 2019 By: Erin Block

This spring, a new book looks at the history of Yellowstone’s wild trout, as well as offers a detailed guide on how to fish for them. Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout by Chris Hunt, described as “both a guide and homage,” will be published June 17, 2019.

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Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout: A Fly-Fishing History & Guide By Chris Hunt

Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout: A Fly-Fishing History & Guide By Chris Hunt
Foreword by Mike Sepelak
ISBN: 978-1-6258-5826-9
$24.99| 144 pp. | paperback

Fly-fishing has its sacred waters the world over. Yellowstone National Park claims some of the craft’s most storied destinations.

Casting in the Firehole River is like going back in time to when bison roamed nearly every meadow in the West. Restored to their natal streams after near extinction, native Arctic grayling can once again be plucked from icy water at the foot of breathtaking waterfalls. Meanwhile, a daylong hike into true wild country rewards an angler with a chance to catch trophy native cutthroat trout on a lonely mountain lake.

Local journalist and experienced angler Chris Hunt crafts both a guide and homage to Yellowstone’s iconic and wild trout. Publication date: June 17, 2019.

About the Author

Chris Hunt is an award-winning journalist, author and blogger who lives in Idaho Falls. He works and blogs for Trout Unlimited as the national digital director and is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. His work has appeared in Trout magazine, Field & Stream, the New York Times, the Flyfish Journal, Hatch Magazine and several newspapers and magazines around the United States. This is his fourth book.

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