Tippets: Patagonia Takes on Federal Government, Colorado River Faces Record Low Runoff, Puget Sound Salmon on Drugs

April 25, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Patagonia has always been outspoken in their support of environmental causes. But since the beginning of the Trump administration, the company has increased their activity in messaging about the environment. From Yvon Chouinard as an unlikely CEO, to the recent lawsuit Patagonia filed against the federal government, read more in this article by Rosecrans Baldwin in GQ.
  • According to projections from federal forecasters, the Colorado River Basin faces one of its driest spring runoffs in the past 50 years. “Scientists at the Salt Lake City-based Colorado Basin River Forecast Center say current snowpack conditions are set to yield the sixth-lowest recorded runoff into Lake Powell since the lake was filled more than 50 years ago.” Via KRCC.
  • Washington State Chinook salmon in Puget Sound are absorbing our prescription drugs at alarming and harmful rates. “The metabolic disturbance evident in the fish from human drugs was severe enough that it may result not only in failure to thrive but early mortality and an inability to compete for food and habitat.” Via The Seattle Times.