Tippets: Op-ed on Pebble Mine, Grass Carp Reach Great Lakes, Fish-Killing Parasite Identified in Big Hole River, Obama’s Wilderness Expansion

March 1, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • “Presidents and politicians come and go,” writes Danielle Stickman, “but the Pebble mine will always be the wrong mine in the wrong place.” Read Stickman’s op-ed about the long-term risks of the mine and the overwhelming oppositions to the mine from Alaskans. Via Alaska Daily News.
  • Invasive grass carp have reached three of the Great Lakes, posing a serious environmental risk to the lakes and surrounding wetlands. The recent study, “Binational Ecological Risk Assessment of Grass Carp for the Great Lakes Basin,” concludes that “unless actions are taken to curb the invasion of the grass carp, the ecological consequences would be devastating and would be extreme in the Great Lakes Basin within 50 years.” Via Digital Journal.
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has released a map that shows the parasite that led to the deaths of thousands of whitefish in the Yellowstone River is also living in portions of the Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison, East Gallatin, Boulder, Shields and Stillwater rivers. Via The Billings Gazette.
  • Under the Obama administration, wilderness areas were expanded across the country. “Our 44th president proved to be a true champion who pushed many conservation measures over the finish line,” writes Jamie Williams. Via High Country News.