Spanish Wells Skill Meets Dragonfly Boatworks

October 29, 2016 By: Erin Block

Dragonfly Boatworks is adding a new chapter to the classic Spanish Wells Skiff. “A proven hull is always a pleasure to dress up or down,” says Mark Castlow, manager of Dragonfly Boatworks.

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Spanish Wells Skill Meets Dragonfly Boatworks


Ever love something so much you had to recreate it? That pretty much sums up the Spanish Wells Skiff history until now. Adding a new chapter to the beloved hull’s history is now the job of Dragonfly Boatworks in Vero Beach.

“I knew the boat and its original designer and now we’ve acquired its tooling from the previous owner, Spanish Wells Boatworks of Riviera Beach,” said Mark Castlow, manager of Dragonfly Boatworks, “and I’m pleased to tell you we’ve already started building the first one.” “A proven hull is always a pleasure to dress up or down.”

The Spanish Wells skiff is a unique piece of Bahamian boating history. In the 1980’s Bahamian lobster fishermen wanted a boat to match their work. They sought a designer (Chris Morejohn) to make a craft sized to lift on and off motherships. It had to be durable and tough, able to withstand almost daily use from commercial fishermen and divers. Over 100 Spanish Wells Skiffs were built in the Bahamas.

Fast-forward to 2015 when the molds were discovered in the Bahamas and shipped to Florida for resurrection. Eric Brush of SMS Sportfishing Outfitters in Riviera Beach was chosen to build the first four recreated boats (along with new styling and layout). “Now it’s our turn to continue the boat’s elegant simplicity and design,” continued Mark, “and Eric will keep his hand in as customer liaison.”

Dragonfly Boatworks is a young company with lots of “old” experience. The company prides itself on building innovative skiffs and paddle boards…each crafted to perfection. Their motto is “Building one of a kind, one at a time.” And the result? A personalized, streamlined, shallow-water craft.

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