Two New Tenkara Rod Models Unveiled

December 18, 2013 By: Erin Block

Tenkara USA has recently announced the release of two new rod models, the Sato and the Rhodo, both to be available in three lengths.

Read more in the press release below. 

Two New Tenkara Rod Models Unveiled

From Tenkara USA:

TwoNewTenkaraRodsWhether you’re an experienced tenkara angler or just about to give tenkara a try, we wanted to give you the best possible tenkara rod anywhere. With several years of design experience under our belt and a feedback from our users, we designed the Sato and Rhodo tenkara rods with you in mind.

The Sato™ tenkara rod is named after Mr. Ernest Satow, an avid mountaineer who was the first person to make a written record of tenkara. It was designed to be fished at either of 3 lengths: 330-360-390cm $215

The Rhodo™ is a rod that a rod that can be fished very short when things get tight and rhododendron surrond you, or longer when the stream opens up. Designed to be fished at either of 3 lengths: 270/297/320cm $215

Note: Rods will ship Friday, December 13the for North America orders, or December 20th for European orders.