Tippets: Post-Flooding Fish Survey, Steelhead Flies, Restoring the Grand Canyon

December 11, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • After the historic flooding this fall along Colorado’s Front Range, electrofish surveys performed by crews from Colorado Parks and Wildlife are beginning to reveal how trout populations have been impacted.
  • Professional guide Matt Sherman is featured in an informational short film from The Fly Fishing Shop, disclosing his fly recommendations for winter steelhead, and what makes a good pattern work.
  • Man-made flooding is being used in attempt to restore flows in the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam. “Using dam operations to create a flood that mimics pre-dam natural flooding in the watershed, the sediment carried and deposited downstream in Grand Canyon National Park will build sandbars that provide key wildlife habitat for animals and fish,” states the Department of the Interior.