Tippets: Lining Up, Philosophy of Dams, Demystifying Tying Materials

December 9, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Austin Orr lays out what you need to know for getting “lined up.” From what species you’re chasing to the type of water you plan to fish, many variables factor into creating the most effective line and leader combination. Via Salt396.
  • With the rise of dam building in the late 1800s, salmon stocks began declining and hatchery fish were seen as the solution. However, biologist Jim Lichatowich sees the need for a fundamental shift in this philosophy and practice. Catch his interview with Ashley Ahearn of Oregon Public Broadcasting, centered around Lichatowich’s new book Salmon, People and Place: A Biologist’s Search For Salmon Recovery.
  • Choosing the right materials includes as much nuance as choosing the right pattern for a fly. Tom Rosenbauer hosts this week’s Orvis Podcast, focusing on “how to choose hairs, feathers, thread sizes, glues and more.”