Tippets: Bass Tips, Elwha Fish Kill, Western Hoppers, Scented Flies

  • Bass (much like carp) can be found almost everywhere. Thus, they make a prime quarry. Tim Romano lays out five tips to help you target bass on the fly, via Fly Talk.
  • Failure of a pump in the Elwha Hatchery recently resulted in the death of over 200,000 young fish. “We’re doing everything we can to get the water facilities back and operational so that all the users can obtain water from it,” says Barb Maynes,  spokeswoman for Olympic National Park.
  • Continued drought, a cold spring, and bug spray use are all contributing factors to the decline in grasshopper populations this year in the west. And while they’re a favorite fly imitation to fish, thankfully trout are opportunistic eaters. Read more from Joey Bunch on The Denver Post.
  • Albeit unintentionally, we add scent to our flies. Suntan lotion, lunch sandwiches, and bug spray, just to name a few, can be smelled by (and often repel) fish.  Read more on this subject and strategies to help your flies stay clean, from Bernd Ziesche.
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