Tippets: Upslope Winds, Summer Bonefish, Colorado Conflict, Chop and Drop

August 6, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • Winds can make or break a day of fishing in the mountains. And with the right upslope breeze, it can even start raining bugs. Scott Willoughby explains this highcountry phenomenon in The Denver Post.
  • Once spring migratory tarpon depart from the Florida Keys, the focus of summer turns to bonefish. Author and veteran flats fly fisher Bill Horn writes about the changes in seasons and quarries in a recent article on Keys Weekly.
  • With stunning aerial footage of the Colorado river and some of its tributaries, as well as the agricultural diversions and dams impacting water levels and the ecosystem’s health, view the river Flowing Through Conflict.
  • Healthy trout streams are often a morass of fallen trees and thick streamside vegetation. In Vermont, state fisheries scientists along with Trout Unlimited are spearheading a project called “Chop and Drop,” because for trout, wood is good.