Literary Fly Fishing, Importance of Diverse Watersheds, Learn to Tie the Bimini Twist Knot

August 9, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Thought to contain the first literary reference to fly fishing, Titurel, by 13th-century German author Wolfram von Eschenbach, mentions fishing “with feathered bait” writes Kenneth Loksengrad, as he delves in to the surrounding Arthurian legends and tales.
  • Watershed diversity of quick cold-running streams and warmer meandering ones, is healthy not only for salmon, but their predators too. “A complex landscape results in streams of differing temperature so salmon populations don’t spawn at the same time.” says Daniel Schindler of the University of Washington, “Predators and scavengers have a much longer window of accessibility.”
  • For a stronger method of tying tippet to leader when chasing larger game fish, check out the Bimini Twist knot as demonstrated by Trevor Tanner of Fly Carpin.