On Telling the Truth, Tying With Biots, Skin Cancer in Wild Fish Population

  • In his new book “Lying,” neuroscientist and author Sam Harris, states that we can vastly improve and simplify our lives and society as a whole, “by merely telling the truth in situations where others often lie.” Featuring a fly on the cover, the implication for anglers is obvious. Yet I highly doubt fly fishers will start being truthful to their quarry anytime soon.
  • Ben Spinks (via Marc Fauvet at The Limp Cobra blog) clears up any confusion over biots: what are they, and how should you use them.
  • Living on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (and directly below the world’s largest hole in the ozone layer), Coral Trout are the first known wild fish populations to show evidence of skin cancer. “Further work needs to be carried out to establish the exact cause of the cancer,” says researcher Michael Sweet, of Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, “but having eliminated other likely factors such as microbial pathogens and marine pollution, UV radiation appears to be the likely cause.”
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