Podcast Interview: Tanner Sutton, Owner of Free Fly Apparel, On Why He Uses Bamboo for Fishing Clothing

June 14, 2012 By: timromano

Free Fly Apparel Owner - Tanner Sutton

Tanner Sutton, founder and owner of Free Fly Apparel, talks to MidCurrent about why he started a fly-fishing apparel company using a blend of bamboo and polyester materials, and why giving a portion of his proceeds back to Water Missions International just makes sense for company that makes its living on and with products that are made for use on the water.

Tanner, an eighth-generation Montanan who grew up fishing and with a family in the clothing business, felt that something was missing from the angler clothing arena. He says that his big thing is comfort, and “all the treated synthetics had great performance, but sacrificed comfort.” He then did R&D for a year and a half on different fabrics and came up with his bamboo/polyester blend.

Tanner says, “Besides being incredibly soft, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, anti-static, anti-odor, biodegradable, and has built-in sun blocking capabilities.”

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