Fly Fishing on Kepler-22b: MidCurrent and TU Partner on Interplanetary Project

Today Trout Unlimited and MidCurrent declare their cooperation in preparing for the colonization of Kepler-22b, with the goal of exploring and protecting the newly discovered planet’s angling resources.

In early December 2011, NASA scientists announced the discovery of an Earth-like planet in a nearby solar system and in the “Goldilocks” zone, where water is most likely to exist.  Kepler-22b’s temperature may “be just right for life — about 72 degrees, a perfect spring day on Earth.”

In January an exploratory meeting between TU scientists and MidCurrent‘s Poisson d’Avril committee produced a preliminary report and vision statement.  Since that time, we have received literally thousands of comments, suggestions, and ideas in support of our initiative.

Midcurrent and TU are pleased to present a sample of those ideas today as evidence of the growing enthusiasm for the project.  Contributors include: Jim Babb, Scott Bowen, Paul Schullery, Tom Keer, Chris Santella, Conway Bowman, Pete McDonald, Jack Williams, Morgan Lyle, Kirk Deeter, Simon Gawesworth, Tom Pero, Jerry Kustich, Lou Ureneck, Mac McKeever, Kirk Werner, and Andrew Bennett.

Please add your voices to theirs in our comments section.  And if you are ready to personally participate in the first expedition, sign up to be among the first travelers to carry fly-fishing culture to Kepler-22b!

Exciting times are ahead.  So get on board!

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