“They Act Even More Bizzare Than They Look”

Roosterfish are growing in popularity for saltwater fly anglers and for good reason, writes Sarah Gardner of Fly Fishing in Saltwaters.  They pull hard when hooked, pummel flies, live in a spectacular habitat and act even more bizarre then they look. Most importantly, roosters are a true challenge of casting skills, patience and composure.”

What attracts many anglers is the DIY nature of catching a roosterfish.  Because of their inclination to crash baitfish in the skinny water close to the beach, one can spot fish from the beach.  But beware, it is not easy work.  As demonstrated by Felt Soul Media’s “Running Down the Man,” anglers literally have to sprint up and down the beach for a shot at a perfect presentation.  The payoff for this exotic gamefish is worth it however, according to Gardner.


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