The New Daily Gear Coverage from MidCurrent

February 6, 2012 By: Marshall Cutchin

Beginning this month, MidCurrent and Angling Trade begin bringing you regular daily gear news on MidCurrent.com and a new twice-monthly Fly Fishing Gear newsletter, which will begin publication next week.

We’ve thought long and hard about how best to do gear coverage, and after several years of publishing the most comprehensive annual guide to new gear, we’ve decided that gear deserves more than a once-a-year review. After all, it takes time to test gear, and stamping the latest release date on a product or raising its price doesn’t—we all know—make it better than last year’s line. We’re also offering more opinion and more practical advice on how to use gear effectively than ever before, and recommending gear based on a longer, more objective time frame. Plus we’ll cover any new products the moment they appear.

It’s a lot to manage, but our staff agrees that if you are going to do gear coverage at all, you need to do it right.

If you’re interested in getting the Gear newsletter and don’t already subscribe to our newsletter, be sure to sign up. Or just check out our daily Gear posts on the News or Gear pages at MidCurrent.com. We welcome your comments—and your submissions if you’d like your gear reviews to appear on our site.