Podcast: George Daniel on European Nymphing Techniques

As part of his weekly podcast, Tom Rosenbauer interviews international competitor George Daniel and gets the expert’s take on Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish nymphing techniques.

Daniel: “There were some techniques that we found when we went overseas that really opened up our eyes. From a competition standpoint, when an angler is going to fish five different pieces of water over three days, and you’re talking about beats that are as short as 100 yards, and the angler is on that water for three hours, they just beat the living hell out of it. So happens is, in those primary spots, where you have that nice riffle going into that beautiful run, those areas only produce fish for so long. So what the anglers did from overseas… is instead of working that class A water maybe halfway or at the end of the session is that they targeted that really shallow water, or that slow-moving tailout or what we called ‘frog water.’  And what it ended up doing is opening up a whole new game.”

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Download the file: European Nymphing Techniques

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