Loon Outdoors Introduces “Nip & Sip”

September 29, 2011 By: timromano

WHAT’S THE PRODUCT you have hanging on your fishing vest or pack that you use most often in a typical fishing day?

Nippers. If that’s not number one, it’s probably close.

Loon Outdoors Nip & Sip

Loon Outdoors "Nip & Sip"

What’s the product many anglers dig through their pockets, boat bottoms, cluttered truck beds etc. to find, but end up using a belt buckle, teeth, or the boat gunwales to get the job done?

Right, the bottle opener.

The Nip & Sip from Loon Outdoors won the hearts and minds of IFTD voters in the most entered and hotly contested category—accessories—because it combines both tools in one.

That’s an award for ingenuity. But the performance aspect is not to be ignored, because the nippers can cut through thick tippets. They’re made from durable stainless steel, and the textured grip helps too.

At $19.95, they’re a good option in your arsenal of fly gizmos, and a solid gift idea.

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