RIO Releases New Smallmouth Bass Line

November 2, 2010 By: Alex Cerveniak

RIO Products just announced that it is adding a new Smallmouth Bass fly line to its lineup for 2011.  The Smallmouth Bass line is designed to load at close range.  The medium-length front taper is ideal for casting smallmouth flies while the long back taper allows for a smooth casting loop and keeps the line stable on longer casts.

A unique handling section behind the head makes it easy to control the fly at long range when fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers. Not only does this taper arrangement yield accurate, fast casts, but the hard coating over a medium-stiff core is designed to prevent wilting in summer heat, further helping each cast.

RIO’s XS Technology keeps the line slick and dirt free, and with welded loops on both ends of the line, changing leaders and lines when necessary is a breeze. This line also features RIO’s DualTone coloring to make it simple to find the perfect loading point of the line.

The Smallmouth Bass line has a bronze colored head with a beige running line.  It is available in a WF6F, WF7F and WF8F at authorized RIO dealers for $74.95.