Vanity Fair: Newest Natural Gas Drilling a "Fracking Mess"

June 22, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

“Stretching some 400 miles, the Delaware is one of the cleanest free-flowing rivers in the United States, home to some of the best fly-fishing in the country. More than 15 million people, including residents of New York City and Philadelphia, get their water from its pristine watershed. To regard its unspoiled beauty on a spring morning, you might be led to believe that the river is safely off limits from the destructive effects of industrialization. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken.”
Christopher Bateman writes in detail for Vanity Fair about the many dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” for natural gas, including groundwater contamination, landscape scarring, and property devaluation. He notes that “every shale-gas well that is fracked requires between three and eight million gallons of water.”