Loon Sharktooth Tippet Control System

September 14, 2009 By: zmatthews

One of my favorite things about attending the Fly Fishing Retailer Show is the chance to check out all the little accessories that people can come up with. A lot of times, this will be the only chance to see these items, because shop owners often will not restock with $5-10 items unless what they currently have is close to selling out of inventory.
This year’s best tiny accessory in my opinion was the Loon Sharktooth Tippet Control System. This was basically an elastic band like those which come on Rio tippet spools; it has a small brass eyelet for the tippet to pass out of. Unlike the Rio system, it also has a small plastic bit attached to the elastic, which contains a (safety-conscious) razorblade. Basically, it’s an on-spool tippet cutter: you draw the tippet out, then just pass it through the blade housing to snip it off.
You’d still need to carry regular snips, of course, to cut the tag ends of knots, but the Sharktooth is a simple, pretty inexpensive system which makes life easier without adding bulk. They come in a couple of sizes for different diameters of tippet, and they cost $5 each.