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Smart Baselayers from SmartWool

As winter draws nigh, many anglers set the rod by the door and call it a season. But some don’t. If you’re the kind of fisherman who keeps an “ice line,” then you already understand the importance of keeping warm. … more

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Carbon Nanotubes

Do you ever feel like innovation in the fishing industry has slowed in the last few years? In the 1980s and 1990s, anglers saw the rise of Gore-Tex, the rapid advancement of graphite rod technology, and the explosion of the … more

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Primitive Fly Fishing – With Kites?

“Fly fishing” isn’t as easy to define as it seems at first, but one thing we do universally agree on is the necessity of an artificial lure, preferably made out of natural materials. Going by that definition, the aboriginal inhabitants … more

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IGFA Tippet v. Regular Tippet

I recently spoke to Rio Products’s line designer, Simon Gawesworth, who’s best known for his spey casting prowess (but who is also partly responsible for Rio’s technological surge over the past few years.) I asked Simon about the differences between … more

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Wintertime Casting Fun

For those of you not lucky enough to live in the sunny South, this is the time of year when things start getting pretty gloomy. Sure, you’ve still got your bird and deer hunting, and in a few months it’ll … more

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Really, Really Excellent Socks

Socks. Grandma’s favorite Christmas present. The least exciting garment ever invented. Yet, if you talk to long-haul hikers as often as I do, also one of the most important items in your wardrobe. Everyone knows what a pair of really … more

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Stripping Baskets: What Are They Good For?

The first big article I ever put together was about using stripping baskets on a trout stream. At the time, I was using a stripping basket–basically, a big bucket you wear around your waist–to help manage line on rivers like … more

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Lanyards: Yea or Nay?

I waffle back and forth on lanyards. On the one hand, they’re incredibly handy when you’re guiding (or pseudo-guiding, a situation I find myself in all too often). On the other hand, they tend to tangle, they rattle, they get … more

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Sunglasses Retainers Compared

I once dropped a $200 pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses in a small creek in the Smokies and watched as they were swept away. The culprit was the $5 set of Wal-Mart sunglass retainers I had foolishly trusted to … more

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Behold The Awesome Woodman's Pal

Ever wonder what would you get if you crossed the awesome brush-clearing power of a machete with the serious tree-hacking force of an axe? Probably not; but fortunately, way back in the 1930s, a Swiss architect named Frederick Ehrsam answered … more

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