Crazy Thing? A "New Period" For Fly Fishing

June 1, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

“‘The New Period’ … will be marked, I think, by greater simplicity of gear, technique, style and purpose. It will be done closer to home, more impromptu and with less media attention. It will be gentler, more elegant, and less aggressive.” That’s Gordon Wickstrom calling an end to the “TU Era” of over-technical perfection and announcing a return to greater simplicity in fly fishing culture, where fly shops return to being “refuges for what is most delightful in angling.”
Interesting stuff, especially in light of what I sense as a growing movement away from “extreme fishing,” “fish porn,” and hip “bumism” in the sport. (Are you truly a trout bum if anyone knows you’re a trout bum?) In the Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera.