Experts' Top Ten Wet and Dry Flies

April 20, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Answering a number of recent questions to MidCurrent about freshwater fly selection, Phil Monahan gathered an impressive list of “Top Ten Fly” choices for this week’s “Fly Lines” feature. Brian O’Keefe, Tom Rosenbauer, Buzz Bryson, John Merwin, William Tapply, Bryan Gregson, Zach Matthews, and even Phil himself revealed their favorite ten flies. Very interesting stuff, especially when you consider the range of experiences these “guides, writers and fish bums” have had.
Question: How do you organize your fresh water fly boxes? Do you have a Top-10 list of dry & wet flies that you’ll always carry?
Answer: There are lots of ways to organize your flies: by season, by species, by kind of water, by fly style, by color, and so on. Experts will obviously disagree on both of Mark’s questions, so here’s a sampling of responses from guides, writers, and fish bums of every stripe.