New "Rivers of a Lost Coast" Web Site

December 3, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

In my continuing search for video that rejects the whole notion of “fish porn,” and suppressing my envy of those who have the luxury and talent to deliver gorgeous Web design, I watched the trailer for “Rivers of a Lost Coast” on their new site this morning. There is a treasury of stuff growing here — all focused on the history and personalities of the northwest steelhead fishing culture — and hopefully the producers will continue to add outtakes, clips and audio tracks that were unused in the film. For example, on the audio clips page, Russell Chatham, Frank Bertaina, Jim Adams and several others talk about the fishing lifestyle, interpersonal rivalries and the fish themselves. Also be sure to check out the segment on the origin of the “Thor” pattern, which helped prove that winter steelhead would eat flies.