New Video: Switch Rods and Snap-T Techniques

December 10, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

If you’re not a steelheader, you may not have noticed the lines blurring between traditional two-handed casting and single-handed rod techniques. At most you might have heard of switch rods, a strange and wondrous invention that gives big-river anglers the flexibility to cast using both single-handed and two-handed techniques. To offer a simple example, think of the added advantage that an 11-foot rod gives you when roll casting long distances and making big mends. The same rod can handle basic spey casts and perform single-handed distance casting with ease.
This week California fly casting instructor Jeff Putnam puts a switch rod through its paces, demonstrating a variety of ways in which to take advantage of the rod’s unique abilities. While he focuses on the Snap-T cast, you’ll pick up a lot of useful tips by watching him manage his line both before and after casting.