Video: Tying the "Steeler" Egg Fly

November 20, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Egg patterns, as common wisdom has it, are most effective during the fall and early winter when trout and steelhead feel the impulse to gobble up anything resembling roe. But devotees will tell you that they turn heads almost any time of the year. And when you consider that they are among the most easily tied flies, yarn Glo-Bug-style egg patterns are well worth considering as you sit down at the vise this early winter. In this week’s video, Charles Meck shows how to tie one of his favorite Glo-Bug-style flies, the “Steeler.”
Excerpt: “Two professors from British Columbia did a study in 1973 and they fed trout eggs in a trough, and they put in different color eggs. When they used one color only, they found that trout hit a blue-colored egg before any other color. But when they put a combination of colors in at the same time, trout fed more actively when they were fed black and yellow at the same time.”