Video: LaFontaine on Fishing Streamers and Undercut Banks

November 14, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Some fly fishers look forward to fall and early winter — in many places the spawning season for big brown trout — simply for the chance to throw streamers. You can call it “banging the banks” or “bouncing streamers” or “slinging lead” (sometimes heavy flies and lead-core lines make a lot of sense), but it boils down to a nice change of pace from the technical fishing of summer.
This week on MidCurrent Gary LaFontaine discusses the best strategies for Fishing Streamers and Undercut Banks. As in all of LaFontaine’s instructional videos, he shows how best to approach, analyze and adjust to unique stream conditions. “One or two bangs in a spot and move on,” LaFontaine suggests. “You’re not going to run out of good spots” when streamer fishing.