MidCurrent's Annual 2009 New Fly Fishing Product Review

October 6, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Once a year at MidCurrent we’re swamped with new product info. It almost always happens in September, because that’s about the time of the annual Fly Fishing Retailer show, when shop owners are enticed to order all the goodies they’ll need for spring. Sorting through it takes effort: a trip to Denver, uncountable emails and calls, and perhaps most challenging of all, getting manufacturers to explain exactly what they mean by words like “fishability” and “stump-pulling power.” The result, though, is that we end up with a guide that even we refer to for the next nine months or so, until the cycle begins again. We hope you’ll also find something of value in our annual new gear review, “Four Feet of Anything.”