Abel Reels to Benefit Western Rivers Conservancy

October 5, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Abel has two new special edition reels available online. The slate-colored Super 7 and Super 10 are engraved with a Western Rivers Conservancy (www.westernrivers.org) logo, and Abel will donate a portion of the sales to the non-profit group, which buys land alongside important western U.S. rivers in order to protect critical habitat.

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Abel Reels will produce two special editions – a Super 7 and Super 10 – to benefit Western Rivers Conservancy, a nonprofit conservation organization based in Portland, Ore., that is dedicated to protecting river ecosystems in the western United States, announced Don R. Swanson, president of the precision tackle manufacturer.
Abel will produce a collectors’ edition run of 75 fly reels in a solid frame, anodized slate color, and engraved with the conservancy’s Western Rivers Conservancy logo.
The limited edition large arbor Super 7 is priced at $785; the large arbor Super 10 is $895. For each reel purchased, Abel will give the customer a complimentary one-year membership to Western Rivers Conservancy. Abel’s total contribution to Western Rivers will be approximately $25,000, according to Swanson.
Western Rivers Conservancy’s mission is to protect rivers in the West by buying the land alongside them. The Conservancy works to protect critical habitat while providing for compatible access for fishing and recreation.
Since 1990, Western Rivers Conservancy has protected hundreds of river miles along the Madison, Smith, Sandy and Skagit, among many others, said spokesperson Don Elder. The Conservancy provides public access for compatible use and enjoyment, and cooperates with other agencies and organizations to secure the health of whole ecosystems. The non-profit organization’s website is www.westernrivers.org
Current conservation projects include –
• Hoh River, Washington: Building on 4,700 acres and 14 river miles acquired to date, Western Rivers Conservancy now plans to purchase the last 3,700 acres to protect what is considered one of the finest remaining salmon and steelhead runs in the country.
• Klamath River, California: Establishing a 20,000-acre salmon sanctuary along Blue Creek, a tributary and refuge for threatened salmon and steelhead.
• John Day River, Oregon: Conserving 16 miles of riparian habitat and angler access along the Wild and Scenic John Day.
The Super 7 reel is designed for a 7- or 8- weight line, weighs 7.5 ounces, has a 3.75-inch diameter, and has backing capacities of 200 yards of 20# with a 7-weight line and 175 yards of 20# with an 8-weight line. The Super 10 is designed for a 10- or 11-weight line, weighs 8.7 ounces, has a 3.9-inch diameter, and has backing capacities of 220 yards of 30# with a 10-weight line and 190 yards of 30# with an 11-weight line.
The special edition Super 7 and Super 10 reels are available now, said Swanson. Reels may be ordered at www.abelreels.com.