New Purifier Based on Water's Behavior in Trout Gills

October 1, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

A Swedish company is using the ideas of a twentieth century Austrian forestry expert named Viktor Schauberger about water flow through trout gills to manufacture water purification devices. Schauberger was an early environmentalist, and his theories about “self-organizing water flow” met with a lot of skepticism in his day, but Watreco, based in Malmo, Sweden, now makes a chemical-free Vortex Generator based on the same fluid dynamics that a trout uses to trap and expel water. Michael Kallenos writes about it on GreenTechMedia.com. “Water gets poured in the top of the generator, swirls through an ever-tightening coil of channels, and then spits out the other end fleeced of harmful chemicals and microbes. Water mixed with coffee grounds? Toilet water? It comes out clear.”