How to Choose a Fly Rod

September 30, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

New on MidCurrent, Jim Lepage and I tackle the classic question of “Which fly rod is right for me?” Sure, there’s plenty of subjectivity involved — and, we hope, some test casting — but here are the keys to picking the rod that best suites your style of fly fishing.
Excerpt: “LET’S ASSUME the rod is built to handle the right fly line exactly. It casts well in close, and it has the backbone to cast well at long distances. This rod is said to have the right “load” characteristics for the specified line. A rod manufacturer can then customize this rod’s design by deciding where they want the rod to bend the most or the least. Making the rod flex or bend in the tip, mid-, or butt section of the rod can be used to further define the rod for the caster, either to match individual casting styles, or to match the needs of specific fishing situations.”