Fly Fishing Video: Collecting Stream Life for Better Nymph Fishing

September 4, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

New on MidCurrent: Norm Crisp’s video on “Collecting Stream Life for Better Nymph Fishing” is filled with tips for capturing subsurface bugs and improving your fly selections.
EXCERPT: “When you pull up that rock, if there is any current at all, as you pick it up and turn it over and move it around, suddenly those insects that were crawling around are going to be subject to far more current than they see in the stream and they’re going to float away. You’re not going to see what’s really out there. So what we always like to do is to take a little kick net, put it down in the stream, reach upstream ahead of it, move the rocks around as much as you can, and let everything wash down into the screen.”