"I Wanted Something More"

August 28, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

What if when casting seventy feet you couldn’t turn your legs sideways a bit to get that extra range of motion? Stories like this one by Sue Cocking remind us of two things: that fly fishing and its joys are about overcoming challenges, and that some of us — like Lance Benson — are better equipped than others to handle those tests of determination. “‘My motto is “no legs, no problem,”‘ Benson said, smiling. Around town, he is known as a sharp dresser who wisecracks about his disability to put others at ease. ‘As a person who’s disabled, you have to look your best, so people don’t get intimidated or think you’re homeless or something,” he said. ‘I had to kind of work harder to work around it. I’ve always kind of embraced it to help others embrace it.”’ In the Miami Herald.