Rosenbauer on Fishing Stillwater for Panfish and Bass

August 5, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Second after the video on Orvis’s new Silver Label XT bootfoot waders (which feature integrated laceable boots), Rosenbauer podcasts on fly fishing for wary bass and panfish on stillwater.
Excerpt: “The first thing to do is to throw that bug out there, let it sit on the water, let all the rings disappear… wait, wait, wait… to see if anything takes it. If nothing takes it, try a very subtle twitch. Just keep your rod low to the water. And pull some line through the fingers of your stripping hand. And this is a really important point in stillwater fly fishing. A lot of people keep their rod tip up in the air. There’s nothing worse for line control than having that rod up in the air; the wind blows it around and you really can’t control it, so the closer your rod tip is to the water, the more control you’re going to have over the fly and the easier it is to set the hook.”