Corbina Fly Fishing History

July 31, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Yesterday reader Steve Piper sent us this link to a long thread exploring the history of fly fishing for corbina in the California surf. We don’t normally spend time perusing fly fishing boards, but this discussion caught our eye, if only for the detailed contributions. As always, the question of who “first” caught a corbina on fly — like the question of who “created” a fly pattern — has a lot to do with who kept the first records, but there is plenty to chew on here, including this quote from author and saltwater expert Nick Curcione:
“I’m always hesitant to use the word ‘first’ because even the most thorough research (I was a sociology prof in my other life) may not uncover all the facts. I caught my first corbina on the fly sight casting in the surf about 100 yards south of Hermosa Beach pier back in the fall of 1973. There were fish cruising back and forth on a sand bar and I finally got one to take an early version of my beach Bug. I remember I was using a fiberglass Fenwick 8-weight and an a Medalist reel with a lead core shooting head.”
If anyone else has information that would help these folks answer the question of where fly fishing for corbina originated, they can contact Steve Piper via email at [email protected].