Fly Fishing Video: Joan Wulff Demonstrates the Reach Cast

July 29, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

This week on MidCurrent Joan Wulff demonstrates the “Reach Cast.” It’s one of a trout angler’s most useful techniques, providing longer drag-free drifts. A few key pointers on timing and technique also make it one of the easiest casts to perfect.
Excerpt: “A dry fly fisherman has to be aware of what we call ‘drag.’ Drag is that motion that makes the fly look as if it is a water-skier instead of a free-floating insect, and it’s caused by the currents that work on the line and leader. So we need affect that by doing what we call a ‘Reach Cast,’ which will put the arm and the upper part of the rod upstream of the fly, so that the fly drifts down first.”