Fly Fisher Greta Gaines Releases Country Rock Album

July 4, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

The next fly fishing adventure movie producer who doesn’t sign up Greta Gaines to do the sound track has got some explaining to do, in my opinion. Gaines, who many might recognize as a champion snowboarder and ESPN correspondent, will release a “country-rock-inspired” album later this month, according to country music Web site “‘I was fly-fishing with my grandfather when I was just a baby girl. Because I was the only girl, it was my way of getting undivided attention from my father and grandfather. I’m primarily a fly fisherwoman, but I’m really a catch-fish-woman — whatever it takes to do that,’ she laughs.”
For a taste of Gaines’s music, you can hear 10 of her tracks on her Web site.