Sculpin Flies: No More Dinks

March 16, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

When Ray Schmidt let us peek inside his fly box last week (see “Inside the Box: Ray Schmidt“), we got curious about sculpin flies and who was tying effective imitations. We found André Brun’s clever patterns, developed for Norwegian rivers and lakes, in the midst of our search. Brun uses Antron bodies and grizzly marabou dubbing to form the thick-bodied patterns.
Arkansas guide Duane Hada also wrote an interesting introduction to sculpins on his Web site. His advice on presentation is specific, and based on sculpin behavior: “Once I sight a target fish I cast well away and up current of the fish as not to spook him with the entry of the fly. I also want to have enough space to properly retrieve the fly. I allow the fly to settle to the bottom; hook up, by design, often will keep the fly motionless for some time depending on the spookiness of the fish. I then start crawling the fly slowly across the bottom toward the window of the target fish.”