John Merwin Joins MidCurrent Editorial Board

October 10, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

The popular consensus is that the Internet is killing journalism, or, alternatively, that print is dead. While neither is true, it seems that every professional journalist feels they must take a stand on one side of that argument or the other. But long-time editor and author John Merwin — who edited Flyfisherman, helped found Fly Rod & Reel, wrote or edited more than a dozen fly fishing books and is now fishing editor of Field & Stream — thinks the Internet is good for fly fishing and publishing. John believes that in an era when derision and witticism often get the most play — both in print and online — good, well-founded writing that serves an intelligent readership is priceless. “Nothing has changed,” John noted recently as we shared a cup of coffee. “A good journalist can’t be bought.”
We’re pleased to announce that John has joined the editorial board of MidCurrent. He brings with him not just a plethora of knowledge about all things fishing, but high standards for journalistic sensibility. We’re happy he’s cast his lot with us.